Supervisory board

Mr. Kleyn is a lawyer by background and has extensive expertise on corporate mergers and acquisitions and deals with both negotiated and contested transactions. He has played a key role in a number of high profile takeover cases most notably including ABN Amro, Rodamco North America and VastNed. Mr. Kleyn also has strong ties with the biotech industry through his dealings with Crucell and myTomorrows.

Ronald Brus holds a medical degree from the University of Groningen and is a respected member of the international biotech industry. Dr. Brus began his career as Medical Director for Zambon BV (1990-1994) after which he served as product planning physician for Forest Laboratories Inc. (New York) from 1994-
1996. In 1997 Dr. Brus joined Crucell, holding various management positions before becoming CEO in 2004 and leading Crucell to its 3billion USD exit in 2011 (acquired by Johnson & Johnson). In parallel, Dr. Brus served as a member of the board of directors at Galapagos NV from 2000 until Galapagos' IPO in May 2005, later rejoining the board from 2010- 2011. Recently Dr. Brus founded myTomorrows, a platform for providing early access to the latest drug innovations for patients dealing with serious illnesses and no other approved treatment options.

Pieter Strijkert completed both his master’s and PhD degree studies at Utrecht University after which he assumed a position at the Phillips NatLab (Eindhoven) in 1964 where he remained until 1974. Subsequently, he lived and worked in South Africa at the CSRI, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. From 1979 until 1995, Dr. Strijkert held various management positions with Royal Gistbrocades (now DSM), including head of research and development and membership in the DSM management board. Dr. Strijkert has also played a prominent role on the supervisory boards of numerous biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Strijkert served as a supervisory board member of three companies in the United State: Chiron, Depotech, and most recently Paratek Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Strijkert has also served as chairman of five companies in the Netherlands and Belgium: Pharming Group, Introgene and Ubisys (which later merged to become Crucell), Pamgene, and DevGen.